Les Annelés

Anne Libby – Violet’s Café

As a result of the labors of the Earthworm[1] the flowers grow in “The Sun”[2]

Anne Libby at Violet’s Café presents Les Annelés (the Ringed Ones.) A computer routing dremel separated parts from part, constructing biomechatronic conscripts from what were once tables. A squat marblish beige form like a female body builder. A sculptural descendant of a Lachaise Woman. Alternatively, its curves are composed not of layers of muscle, but whipping branches. A paean (song of praise or triumph!) to invisible forms, (hidden in plastic objects) drawn out. A chromed Gravity Locking Ring on each.

1 If a part of an earthworm is severed, the creature will Die, Regenerate or Multiply.

Loss of any of the first 8 segments might result in a complete regeneration of the head.
The worm might grow a new head if cut behind the 13th segment, but it can’t replace sexual organs. A separation between segments 20 and 21 might yield a new tail for the head and a new head for the tail — a possible two worms. The first 23 segments are roughly the limit for partial head regeneration by the cut-off tail. A loss of more than that might result in tail segments at both ends — and a dead end for the worm. A cut-off head might regenerate a partial tail if separation occurs in front of the 55th segment. Behind the 55th, full tail regeneration is possible.

2 “Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme…Colliding at times with lines dreamed of long ago… When, like a poet, he goes down into cities, 
He ennobles the fate of the lowliest things.”
– Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil

Violet’s Cafe, Les Annelés